Advocacy projects need manpower.

John Jawed johnjawed at
Tue May 31 15:12:28 PDT 2005

I'm sorry, I know I was one of the ones guilty of the site layout concerns 
on advocacy. You (or possibly others) raised concerns about this, and I have 
since moved all of my related subject(s) to freebsd-www.


On 5/31/05, Julian H. Stacey <jhs at> wrote:
> Background:
> "Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg" wrote:
> > *design* of the webpage, and I cant think of a better place to
> > ask then advocacy,
> No need to Think ;-) _Read_ :
> Register the URLs the web obsessed should already be complying with:
> www at
> webmaster at
> send-pr & set Category: www
> & Send diffs to commit to cvs/www to the above.
> Much noise on advocacy@ concerns presentation style of
>, so has as much impact as farting in the
> wind, as defines content as done by those
> behind the 3 URLs above, Not done by those on advocacy@
> I can't see those running should give a damn
> what we on advocacy@ think, when so many here who _claim_ to be web
> volunteers with plans to change stuff, are so ill disciplined, they
> don't even comply with URLs provided to co-ordinate web maintenance.
> Useful Non Back Seat Driver Work Advocacy@ Could Do Instead:
> Form small teams to create (Not talk about) & maintain a single
> page printable double sided (letter And A4) 2 fold 3 column
> leaflet titled: "Why FreeBSD, Not Linux ?" similar to eg BSD
> leaflet (eg Take that Makefile
> + Tex structure as a start if you want. Multi lingual too later ?
> Create (not talk about) And maintain a FreeBSD `slide show /
> presentation (eg ports/misc/magicpoint format, usable on any cheap
> laptop to hand, (not just high end open office / starwriter capable
> laptops)' For use with office projectors (beamers).
> Both for use in short notice, no time to prepare, quick download,
> print, & convince type scenarios, to management & chambers of
> commerce & installathons etc. Whenever such opportunities arise,
> there rarely seems time to prepare for it, so we should have something
> permanently ready to download.
> If there are volunteers who want to work on those, I can provide
> (on servers) extra mail lists, + web(*) space &
> logins, a CVS facility too later if needed. (*) I'm Not offering
> to support web page rehashing of, just to
> support leaflet & `slide show' production & maintenance).
> Encourage noisey back seat web drivers to divert to the 3 URLs above.
> Lets be quieter & contribute something useful, not make irrelevant web 
> noise.
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