Advocacy projects need manpower.

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue May 31 14:41:05 PDT 2005

   "Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg" wrote:
   > *design* of the webpage, and I cant think of a better place to 
   > ask then advocacy, 
   No need to Think ;-)  _Read_ :
   Register the URLs the web obsessed should already be complying with:
   	www at	
   	webmaster at
   	send-pr		& set Category: www
   & Send diffs to commit to cvs/www to the above.
   Much noise on advocacy@ concerns presentation style of, so has as much impact as farting in the
   wind, as defines content as done by those
   behind the 3 URLs above, Not done by those on advocacy@
   I can't see those running should give a damn
   what we on advocacy@ think, when so many here who _claim_ to be web
   volunteers with plans to change stuff, are so ill disciplined, they
   don't even comply with URLs provided to co-ordinate web maintenance.

Useful Non Back Seat Driver Work Advocacy@ Could Do Instead:

   Form small teams to create (Not talk about) & maintain a single
   page printable double sided (letter And A4) 2 fold 3 column
   leaflet titled: "Why FreeBSD, Not Linux ?" similar to eg BSD
   leaflet (eg Take that Makefile
   + Tex structure as a start if you want.  Multi lingual too later ?
   Create (not talk about) And maintain a FreeBSD `slide show /
   presentation (eg ports/misc/magicpoint format, usable on any cheap
   laptop to hand, (not just high end open office / starwriter capable
   laptops)'  For use with office projectors (beamers).
   Both for use in short notice, no time to prepare, quick download,
   print, & convince type scenarios, to management & chambers of
   commerce & installathons etc.  Whenever such opportunities arise,
   there rarely seems time to prepare for it, so we should have something
   permanently ready to download.

If there are volunteers who want to work on those, I can provide
(on servers) extra mail lists, + web(*) space &
logins, a CVS facility too later if needed.  (*) I'm Not offering
to support web page rehashing of, just to
support leaflet & `slide show' production & maintenance).

Encourage noisey back seat web drivers to divert to the 3 URLs above.
Lets be quieter & contribute something useful, not make irrelevant web noise.

Julian Stacey        Net & Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
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