Want a logo competition? Do it properly.

Fafa Hafiz Krantz fteg at london.com
Fri May 6 13:01:40 PDT 2005

Trying to subjugate my voice into spam now?

> Being ignored does not make FreeBSD "totalitarian", which was your concern.
> Totalitarians are people with guns and police and jails and executions. This
> isn't an authoritarian state, because there is no threat of deadly force to
> coerce you into compliance with a politician's wishes. Neither is it a
> democracy, because the same lack of political authority prevents compelling
> you to the wishes of the majority.

I know that. This is the Internet.

> If it ends up that people don't like the new logo, they simply will
> refuse to use it. End of story.
> >
> > How are they suppose to do that? :)
> Simply by refusing to use it! There is nothing compelling me to use the new
> logo if I don't want to.  If this is too hard to understand, it may be
> because it's so absurdly simple that you're overlooking the obvious. If
> FreeBSD Mall or DaemonNews doesn't want to use the new logo on their CD
> distributions, they don't have to. If FreshPorts doesn't want to use the new
> logo on its website, it doesn't have to.

You said people. I assumed regular people.
People who don't own the biggest FreeBSD related websites.

I can't avoid seeing the parts of my body when I use it, know what I mean?

> > If the logo goes into print and production, it would be too late.
> It might be "too late" in terms of an official logo. But there's nothing
> that would stop the community from adopting an unofficial logo instead,
> should they decide to do so. In fact, if the official logo happens to be
> distasteful enough to the community, there's nothing stopping a fork from
> occuring. In reality, however, the logo will probably end up being quite
> satisfactory.

This struck me as an official competition.
And you are most right, the result should be quite satisfactory.

> > Then it is me versus the logo crew.
> >
> > 1) I want them to open this contest for public view and voting.
> > 2) I want them to acknowledge the rights of the elected designer.
> To be blunt, your wants are irrelevant. Volunteerism is a two way street.
> Not only is FreeBSD unable to force its logo upon you, you are also unable
> to force your wishes upon the logo crew.

Isn't that sort of contradictory:

> Never once in its long history has the FreeBSD Project ever oppressed or
> subjugated a user.

I'm not forcing. I'm suggesting.

Wouldn't it be more fair to everyone if everyone could participate?


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