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Johnson David davidjohnson at
Fri May 6 12:50:10 PDT 2005

From: Fafa Hafiz Krantz [mailto:fteg at]
> I don't feel subjugated. But I do feel ignored.
> Since I brought these issues up, the contest crew have been silent.

Being ignored does not make FreeBSD "totalitarian", which was your concern.
Totalitarians are people with guns and police and jails and executions. This
isn't an authoritarian state, because there is no threat of deadly force to
coerce you into compliance with a politician's wishes. Neither is it a
democracy, because the same lack of political authority prevents compelling
you to the wishes of the majority. 

> > If it ends up that people don't like the new logo, they simply will
> > to use it. End of story.
> How are they suppose to do that? :)

Simply by refusing to use it! There is nothing compelling me to use the new
logo if I don't want to.  If this is too hard to understand, it may be
because it's so absurdly simple that you're overlooking the obvious. If
FreeBSD Mall or DaemonNews doesn't want to use the new logo on their CD
distributions, they don't have to. If FreshPorts doesn't want to use the new
logo on its website, it doesn't have to.

> If the logo goes into print and production, it would be too late.

It might be "too late" in terms of an official logo. But there's nothing
that would stop the community from adopting an unofficial logo instead,
should they decide to do so. In fact, if the official logo happens to be
distasteful enough to the community, there's nothing stopping a fork from
occuring. In reality, however, the logo will probably end up being quite

> Then it is me versus the logo crew.
> 1) I want them to open this contest for public view and voting.
> 2) I want them to acknowledge the rights of the elected designer.

To be blunt, your wants are irrelevant. Volunteerism is a two way street.
Not only is FreeBSD unable to force its logo upon you, you are also unable
to force your wishes upon the logo crew.

David Johnson

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