Logo idea and FreeBSD.com concept

Chris Zumbrunn chris at czv.com
Thu Mar 3 08:51:32 GMT 2005

On Mar 3, 2005, at 7:52 AM, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:

> There are good arguments on each side for static versus variable 
> widths.
> My intent with the site was to create a statically-sized front page and
> have real-content pages take advantage of the screen size if they can.

I agree with earlier comments that designing a web page not to scale is 
the lazy solution. It can be challenging to implement an optimal design 
that scales well. From the "marketing" point of view, I'd say a well 
designed page that doesn't scale is better than a badly designed page 
that does scale. But best is a well designed page that does also scale 

Now, freebsd.org currently does scale (with the changes in my 
recommended patch it scales slightly better). I don't think that it 
should be our priority to make freebsd.org not scale. Instead we should 
improve its design. After that, and with a shift towards better use of 
CSS, we can further improve the scaling as well - and add some good 
marketing content, white papers, solution guides, success stories! We 
have a huge white space in the smak middle of the front page reserved 
for pretty marketing content - which just needs to be produced. In my 
opinion, this is where the design ideas presented in this thread should 
be implemented.

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