Let's update FreeBSD vs Linux vs Windows XP

pablo.delgado at lsi.mine.nu pablo.delgado at lsi.mine.nu
Mon Jun 27 18:30:40 GMT 2005

I totally agree. We should not remove all the technical data.
But there should be more literature to attract different types of individuals.

Some users are driven by looks, usability, simplicity/complexity, etc. Thats why
brochures for Honda / Toyota (just to follow the same analogy) come in different
size and shapes. Shome brochures display what the car could look like, other
display technical data, and other simple pose a life style that lures in people. 

> From: Marc Fonvieille [mailto:blackend at freebsd.org]
> >
> > I thought you wanted to update the content...
> > and if it's for "newcomers" marketing/os-comparison.html
> > will be too  much technical for them.
> Newcomers != technically illiterate
> If it's a straight comparison, then it needs to have technical information.
> Imagine taking a Honda Civic brochure and a Toyota Corolla brochure,
> removing all technical facts such as horsepower and mileage, and then
> comparing them only on the marketing verbiage. You cannot do it and have it
> makes sense.
> Marketing to newcomers doesn't mean hiding away the technical details.
> That's what the EZLinux distros do, and we're better than that. Don't hide
> the gnarly greasy details. If they scare away a few newbies, they wouldn't
> have been happy here anyway. But those that they don't scare away should be
> welcomed.
> David
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