Use send-pr. Use chat@.

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu Jun 23 12:27:08 GMT 2005

> Hi Julian,
Hi Carsten
> I wouldn't agree. When you consider the sheer amount of unresolved PRs, I
> have a problem with adding another one to that list.

Yes, worrying, but a seperate problem.
I suggested send-pr also for the Method: 

  Regular cross posters of hot air on advocacy@ seem probably half
  incompetent.  It'll take them time to learn to create better
  sources, & use diff -c & send-pr, during which they'll post less
  crap, & after they'll be more educated with less need to post
  noise as their only `Contribution'.

> All the more when I don't know that my PR is backed by a greater
> part of the community.  Only the fact that I can handle send-pr and
> I find me somebody with commit-rights doesn't make my contribution worthy.

Commiters decide what is worthy. Convince a committer, & job
done. Commiters have a structure of answerability to colleagues.

> Instead, I would
> encourage people to ask whether there is support for their issue. Of
> course, this doesn't apply to obvious bugs.

Yes, not good if we got a flood of noise via send-pr for cvs/www:
Better for those who like to talk web to susbscribe www at .

Content of advocacy@ will remain mostly a cesspit until the over
opinionated & under skilled learn Not to excrete here without payment.
Pay Here:	man send-pr ; send-pr

> On the other hand, I wish
> people would realize sooner when a topic has been enough talked about.


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