FreeBSD on IRC

Liam J. Foy liamfoy at
Sun Jun 5 10:53:55 PDT 2005

> It's just another vehicle for users to use. The more tools you give to
> people, they better off they are if they wish to use them.
> IRC does not have to have the stigma it seems to have. There are many
> decent users out there - and the efforts should not be dismissed - imho.

It's always the minority fucking it for everyone else. The FreeBSD view[1] also
keeps them away from IRC problems. I personally think the FreeBSD view is fair
and shows a true state of IRC these days.

However, you must except people are not always going to head straight for
the handbook (you mentioned we ask a few simple things). It seems most problems
in IRC arise from someone asking a simple question, and everyone thinking
they're cool to jump on the bang wagon and riducule.

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