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Chris racerx at
Sun Jun 5 10:27:03 PDT 2005

Liam J. Foy wrote:
>>While it's true anyone can flame anybody - we in the channel do have
>>some easy things to follow before asking. In the topic it refers to
>>seeking the Handbook, /usr/ports/updating & /usr/src/updating.
>>Many users after reading such topics generally find that it's not much
>>to ask that they do a few things on ones own. I have been in that
>>channel for over a year, and while it's certainly try that does and can
>>happen - it's generally warranted.
>>Just my point of view. And as I mentioned, we ARE working to correct the
>>image that is mentioned on the FBSD site.
> You'll never remove razor sharp wit.

This may be true - but then again, it does add some comic relief.

>>So please - don't presumably shut it down when you may not have been
>>there in some time.
> What's the benefit of removing what they said? more traffic? People
> responding on the mailing lists to problems is much more beneficial. People can
> then search their problems!

It's just another vehicle for users to use. The more tools you give to
people, they better off they are if they wish to use them.

IRC does not have to have the stigma it seems to have. There are many
decent users out there - and the efforts should not be dismissed - imho.

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A large system, produced by expanding the dimensions of
a smaller system, does not behave like the smaller system.

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