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Dan Langille dan at
Sun Jan 23 12:15:46 PST 2005

On 23 Jan 2005 at 2:59, Julio Capote wrote:

> First of all, let me tell you how excited I am about BSDcan2005; my
> friends and I are organizing this huge roadtrip just for it. Long live
> FreeBSD!

Good.  FWIW, the list of papers should be released within 10 days.

> Anyway, I'd be glad to work on some forms, where can I get
> details?

The work we did last year, and is now in use at needs to be expanded.  The registration code 
is at

What we need is data entry forms for people, speakers, locations, and 
papers.  I'm quite sure none of that exists.  A grep for "<form" 
should answer that.

I'm just heading off to do some errands, but will be able to answer 
more questions later today.
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