Some HTML work needed please

Julio Capote jcapote at
Sun Jan 23 11:57:35 PST 2005

Hey Dan,

First of all, let me tell you how excited I am about BSDcan2005; my 
friends and I are organizing this huge roadtrip just for it. Long live 
FreeBSD! Anyway, I'd be glad to work on some forms, where can I get details?

- Julio

Dan Langille wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Follow-ups on -advocacy please.
>I need some help with designing some HTML forms for BSDCan 2005.  
>Knowledge of HTML is essential.  If you also know PHP and PostgreSQL, 
>There are about 6 forms that need doing, none of which are very 
>If you know, or want to learn, PHP/PostgreSQL, we need code to 
>process these forms.  Again, quite simple.

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