FW: Trying to find a contact

Julian Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Sat Jan 8 05:34:55 PST 2005

> From:		"McAlearney, Shawna" <smcalearney at infosecuritymag.com> 

"McAlearney, Shawna" wrote:
> Can someone please help me find a point of contact for FreeBSD for a
> news story on open source?

Latching "security" in your domain name ...

	security-officer at freebsd.org 
posts to read only list
	security-advisories at freebsd.org
which you can subscribe to or read archives via http://www.freebsd.org
which contains what can be considered official statements

	security at freebsd.org
exists, where you can discuss or trawl archives for contacts
of hopefully knowledgeable security people.

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