SPAM: Score 2.0: Re: Benchmark: NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3 in server performance

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Thu Jan 6 11:28:58 PST 2005

> From: Sander Vesik [mailto:sander.vesik at]
> No but many people run servers on single CPU machines and performance
> on those matters too. Just because a benchmark result is not what you
> might like it to tell you doesn't mean its not valid or that it
> doesn't highlight valid concerns.

Performance is not all that matters. In most server environments it isn't
even the highest priority. By choice I drive a Honda Civic instead of a
Ferrari. To some people this sounds like stupidity, and they think I should
be driving whichever vehicle has the highest horsepower, torque and
acceleration. Heck, I've even had fellow Honda owners berate me for not
upgrading to the EX model with its marginally larger engine!

FreeBSD has been taking a lot of hits recently from advocates of other BSDs,
especially on Slashdot, and I think it's time we all sit back and breath in
some fresh perspective. These benchmarks are good to pointing out areas
FreeBSD may wish to consider improving, but they shouldn't be intrepreted as
faults with FreeBSD.


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