Benchmark: NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3 in server performance

Sander Vesik sander.vesik at
Thu Jan 6 10:11:43 PST 2005

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 12:19:49 +0000, Josef El-Rayes <josef at> wrote:
> Hubert Feyrer <hubert at>:
> [...]
> > The results indicate that NetBSD
> > has surpassed FreeBSD in performance on nearly every benchmark and
> > is poised to grab the title of the best operating system for the
> > server environment.''
> I think this is a conclusion drawn too early when there has not been
> any comparison of each SMP implementation.
> No one runs a toaster as a server environment.

No but many people run servers on single CPU machines and performance
on those matters too. Just because a benchmark result is not what you
might like it to tell you doesn't mean its not valid or that it
doesn't highlight valid concerns.

For example on the process creation benchmark (and yes, it is a valid
and interesting benchmark, even in uniprocessor case), its clear that
both systems exhibit a split behaviour where in some processes are
creating in some linear minimal time and others scale lineraily with
number of processes. It just happens that in case of freebsd the
majority appear to follow the linear case.

There are also cases where FreeBSD is clearly ahead, which is good. 

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