State of Florida (WAS: some thread trolled to death...)

Luiz Gustavo lgustavo at
Tue Feb 22 07:33:45 PST 2005

Dru and BSD fellows,

		I'm speaking in the name of OpenIT, a BSD company in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. In BSD advocacy, we keep, the first web
daily news site in Portuguese, our native language. We organized, as
well, the I BSDCon Brazil, with some partners. Thereby, we're already
involved with the second edition of the BSD conference.

	We (Eduardo Ribeiro, Carlos Carvalho e Luiz Gustavo Ramos), from
OpenIT, want to help the making of "BSD Reference Book 2005". Indeed, a
few years later, we came up with this same idea of gathering Brazilian
open source companies - using the open source development model in a
clear way of making business - in the same website. Maybe now it's the
right moment...

	So, Dru and BSD fellows, be our guests and you all can count on us.


	 L. Gustavo Ramos
        Account Manager - OpenIT

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