Can FreeBSD Grow Large?

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Fri Feb 18 11:06:40 PST 2005

Astrodog wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 01:32:59 -0600, Nikolas Britton
><freebsd at> wrote:
>>Julian Stacey wrote:
>>>Presumably that includes some who hold commit privs mainly for the
>>> web site.
>>>It's tedious though, how much irrelevant hot air has been dumped
>>>onto advocacy@ Re. logo preferences, considering we won't get to vote !
>>> - Apparently commiters will vote;  Presumably advocacy@ will not.
>>> - Commiters are on the commit list, & current@,
>>>   I guess just a low percentage of advocacy@ are committers.
>>> - Most commiters will probably ignore advocacy@ when they vote.
>>>Deduction: people with logo preferences should contact commiters
>>>who will vote, not this advocacy@ list that likely includes few voters.
>>>Readers of advocacy@ have limited choices:
>>> - Face reality, realise logo preference on advocacy@ is hot air, Or ...
>>> - Do a load of send-pr's & be individually invited to be a commiter to
>>>   src/ ports/ doc/ or www/ who can vote, Or ...
>>> - Agitate for votes for advocacy@ members (little chance I guess), Or ...
>>> - Wait for commiters (who will ignore advocacy@) to choose Their logo,
>>>   then advocacy@ individuals can ignore or include logo on non
>>> controlled BSD advocacy sites & events that advocacy@
>>>   readers organise.
>>>Best skip the irrelevant logo debates where our views are Not wanted.
>>>Best be more constructive, & discuss what we Can do: eg collecting
>>>content for web sites to promote business adopting BSD etc.  Harvesting
>>>facts such as (paraphrasing) ...
>>Now that you got me thinking about it... There is no reason why a group
>>of us (I'll help) couldn't fork the entire FreeBSD website, doc, etc.
>>projects and redo or create everything thats needed for a better
>>Image/PR etc. Then just point the download links to the freebsd servers.
>>This way we can just side step all the bullshit and resistance where
>>getting. We could then merge the projects when they finally see the
>>light. If we really wanted to we could just rebrand the entire FreeBSD
>>project, having are own core/committers of web designers,
>>writes/editors, marketing and business people :-).
>I suspect that would not play really well with most FreeBSD users.

Thats the whole point ;-)

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