Can FreeBSD Grow Large?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Thu Feb 17 18:44:57 PST 2005


Astrodog wrote:
>>Now that you got me thinking about it... There is no reason why a group
>>of us (I'll help) couldn't fork the entire FreeBSD website, doc, etc.
>>projects and redo or create everything thats needed for a better
>>Image/PR etc. Then just point the download links to the freebsd servers.
>>This way we can just side step all the bullshit and resistance where
>>getting. We could then merge the projects when they finally see the
>>light. If we really wanted to we could just rebrand the entire FreeBSD
>>project, having are own core/committers of web designers,
>>writes/editors, marketing and business people :-).
> I suspect that would not play really well with most FreeBSD users.
I think that it is good idea to create a new project concentrating on 
the other things without affecting FreeBSD as it is.

DragonFly or even Darwin are doing the same thing on different levels. 
When FreeBSD sees things in their projects which are considered good 
those things are ported into FreeBSD without disturbing the current 

This will be the same with a different "marketing" project. The only 
difference would be that the "marketing" project continues to use the 
FreeBSD code base without any changes.

FreeBSD would keep the "old" user base and will gain new shares in areas 
never attracted.


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