Assuming We Want FreeBSD to Grow: Who Is It For?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu Feb 17 04:32:29 PST 2005

Thomas Leveille wrote Anthony Atkielski:
> Please stop launching those stupid trolls, that sure doesn't help
> FreeBSD advocacy.

Agreed.  List Charter:
	Furthering the Use of FreeBSD Share ideas and plan to
	increase the number of companies and individuals using FreeBSD.

Much hot air on advocacy@ does not qualify.  Let's
	- Tell people to move to chat at
	- Report offenders to postmaster at for blocking.
	- Request postmaster at appends to list definition:
	    "Not for arguing about what FreeBSD is or where it should go."
	  (developers on current@ etc, are unpaid, & advocacy@ people
	  have no right to direct what FreeBSD is & will be.)

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