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Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Feb 14 18:30:42 PST 2005


Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Johnson David writes:
>>You seem to be arguing that because FreeBSD on the desktop isn't
>>suitable for everyone then it must be unsuitable for everyone. Get I
>>get the gist of your argument correct?
> No, what I'm arguing is that FreeBSD should be promoted as a server,
> because that's what it does best.
I do not understand why it has to be promoted like this at all.

FreeBSD itself ist just a plain operating system.

All the programs needed to make it a server or a desktop are in the ports.

As long as the programs needed for a certain purpose are in the ports, 
FreeBSD is the choice. The moment the programs are not available in the 
ports, do not use FreeBSD.

> Maybe this mindset needs to be changed.  Most of the heavy-duty work in

This is so true.


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