Rework of theFreeBSDwebsite[was:FreeBSD'sVisualIdentity:Outdated?]

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Mon Feb 14 08:11:23 PST 2005

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg writes:

> You might not be aware that our beloved Beastie is used as a logo
> by a company that manufacturers condoms. I do not like that, but 
> since its officially not our logo, I cant really do anything 
> about it.

This isn't quite true.  You can defend a trademark even if it isn't
registered.  You must only show that you use it regularly and
consistently to identify a product or service.  However, to successfully
sue someone else for using the trademark, you must show that their use
dilutes the value of your use.  Since condoms and operating systems are
two very different things, it's unlikely that using a similar trademark
for both would dilute the value of either.

> Trust me, work are being done in all those areas. But as long as
> we dont have the support of the community and more importantly 
> the project, the hours we spend on this is a waste of time.
> Im not trying to get permission to improve freebsd's image, that 
> I will continue to do with or without explicit permission.

YOu don't actually need permission, although obviously it would help to
have the cooperation of the people who write the OS.


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