SPAM: Score 4.0: Logo contest, and lessons from the XFree86 d ebacle

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Sun Feb 13 18:20:22 PST 2005

From: Farid Hajji [mailto:farid.hajji at]
> Remember what happened with the XFree86 project as they choose
> to change their license terms without community support? Now
> we have and most relevant developers moved there, just
> because XFree86's Mgmt failed to address the community's
> concerns appropriately.

This is completely different from the current controversy. XFree86 had been
gaining a reputation for quite a while. The licensing switch was merely "the
last straw". The logo issue is very different. Beastie is not going away, as
has been mentioned by numerous posts and clarifications. The logo is
something new, as FreeBSD does not currently have one (neither does OpenBSD
or Linux, BTW).


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