SPAM: Score 4.0: Logo contest, and lessons from the XFree86 d ebacle

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Mon Feb 14 03:54:15 PST 2005

Johnson David wrote:
> From: Farid Hajji [mailto:farid.hajji at]
>>Remember what happened with the XFree86 project as they choose
>>to change their license terms without community support? Now
>>we have and most relevant developers moved there, just
>>because XFree86's Mgmt failed to address the community's
>>concerns appropriately.
> This is completely different from the current controversy. XFree86 had been
> gaining a reputation for quite a while. The licensing switch was merely "the
> last straw". The logo issue is very different. Beastie is not going away, as
> has been mentioned by numerous posts and clarifications. The logo is
> something new, as FreeBSD does not currently have one (neither does OpenBSD
> or Linux, BTW).

Linux has no logo? Nor OpenBSD? Really?
So what is that red hat I see on Or the gecko 
looking thing on SuSe? Or the whirl thing on Debian? And the 
blowfish over at Mandrake seems to have a yellow 
star with a blue tail somehow associated to almost everything it 
If all of the above mentioned isnt logos, then I sure as hell 
dont know what a logo is.

The daemon is to BSD what the penguin is to linux. All of the 
linux distributions have grasped this years ago and created logos 
of their own, used individually or together with the penguin 
without even the slightest problems. But look what happened when 
someone suggested that maybe we should get a logo too. A never 
ending flamefest on every mailinglist!
We may have better software then the penguin people, but when it 
comes to marketing they beat the shit out of us.
Lets face it. FreeBSD is so far behind *everything* when it comes 
to marketing its not even funny.


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