SPAM: Score 3.3: Re: Instead of, why not...

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Sun Feb 13 17:46:03 PST 2005

From: Anthony Atkielski [mailto:atkielski.anthony at]
> Because FreeBSD is a server, not a desktop.

Agree and disagree. While FreeBSD is well suited for the server, it's also
well suited for the desktop. That doesn't mean that we should be stressing
the desktop to those shopping for servers, instead it means that we
shouldn't be telling those shopping for desktops to go use Linux instead.
How many business will be running Linux on the desktop but FreeBSD on the
server? None!

Currently Windows rules the desktop world, even for diehard Unix shops. But
that will not last forever. We need to start thinking about the desktop
today. We need to stop the official discouragement of desktop FreeBSD.

So how about a "" and a ""? You
get the best of both worlds that way.


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