SPAM: Score 3.3: Re: Instead of, why not...

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Fri Feb 11 19:52:57 PST 2005

Johnson David writes:

> The suitability of a system for the desktop has only a little to do with
> installation and setup. If you're a newbie sitting at home without an
> administrator, then by all means stick with Mac OSX. But the desktop market
> is far bigger than the newbie sitting at home. You also have to consider the
> business desktop where you have sysadmins to do the installation and setup.
> If you can train an admin to configure (which ain't that hard), then
> there's no reason you can't have FreeBSD and KDE/GNOME/WhateverDE on the
> business desktop. Other than mindshare, that is.

To advocate FreeBSD, you must explain why FreeBSD is preferable to other
operating systems.  It is not sufficient to say that there is no reason
why someone _cannot_ put FreeBSD on the desktop.  The latter response
means that you'll be thanked for your time, and the Microsoft
salesperson will be shown into the conference room.


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