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Chris Zumbrunn chris at
Sun Feb 13 13:09:54 PST 2005

On Feb 13, 2005, at 9:26 PM, Nikolas Britton wrote:

> Chris Zumbrunn writes:
>> I've updated the html based mockups to incorporate changes I made
>> resulting from the recent discussions (mainly on the advocacy list).
> I see you've been pugging way at it sense your last post on www, I 
> like even more then before... but still, respectfully, I don't like 
> your logo(s)  :-) and here's why (constructive criticism):
> *FreeBSD is FreeBSD not FREEBSD. Also "FreeBSD" is trademarked the 
> other is not.

You're referring to the US/UK/German/Japanese trademark the FreeBSD 
foundation recently got from Windriver, correct? Is that now a logo 
trademark or a word trademark?  Word trademarks never differentiate 
between small and capitalized letters. If the trademark is limited to 
just the "FreeBSD" version then it isn't a word trademark.

> *beastie.gif, the beastie in this logo looks disturbed and 
> threatening. I get anxious and agitated when I look at him, make him 
> more happy, playful, cute, etc.... 

I've since simplified the new Beastie silhouette even more, which 
certainly doesn't help to make him more happy, playful or cute. Not 
sure if I can help with that.

> *freehorns.gif, looks like a Viking helmet.
> *freehornsntail.gif, looks like a Viking with a pointy tail.
> freehorns2.gif and freehornsntail2.gif are the ones I like most out of 
> the bunch.

The point of all these logos was to show that while it would be 
possible to go in that typical "more corporate" direction, ultimately 
no such logo can beat Beastie. Here are some more...

...and my favorite of the bunch...

But, in my opinion, none of them can beat this one:


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