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Carsten Zimmermann cz at
Sun Feb 13 02:58:16 PST 2005

(just a minor side note)
> There's a lot of discussion going on about secondary stuff
> like logos and so, while a lot of things needs to be fixed
> in RELENG_5 (or CURRENT). But please read on.
> After all, FreeBSD has always been a technical project and
> one if its greatest strengths has been to stay away from
> corporatism und marketroids. Things are really going down
> the drain if we start to have discussions like these.


after all, this is advocacy@ and not everyone is a programmer. I'd put 
it the other way round: let's keep the programmers do the *real* work
(=enhance out beloved OS) and let *us* keep their mind from any such
things we are discussing right here.

I have to agree with Roger, totally - I don't see an impact on FreeBSD's
quality if we choose to open ourselves to see to it more professionally
(or at least _offer_ such a point of view for those seeking it).

- Carsten

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