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Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Sat Feb 12 13:50:38 PST 2005

cpghost at wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 10:12:33PM +0100, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:
> Not bad :)
>>Totally agree, and thats why I suggest keeping Beastie as a mascot.
>>Look at linux, everyone knows the linux penguin, but that doesnt stop 
>>RedHat, Caldera, Debian etc from having professional looking logos.
>>And I think most of us agree that the reason RedHat is more accepted 
>>then FreeBSD in the commercial world is not due to its superior 
>>quality, stability or heritage, right?
> A gecko (SuSE) is a good logo? C'mon! :-)

Personally, I might not like the gecko much, but as a logo there is 
nothing wrong with it.
As a mascot, Beastie would beat the gecko with a big stick. In a 
logo-contest, Beastie would be at the recieving end of previously 
mentioned stick.

>>Maybe their more professional looking image has something to do with 
>>it? ;)
> If the FreeBSD Project starts seriously thinking this way,
> then there's something rotten in it.

Please, please, please explain how you came to that conclusion.
I fail to see why everyone thinks that having a decent image to show 
corporate suits automatically means the quality of the project would 
suffer? Am I missing something here?
I think FreeBSD is one of the best os's around. Its stable, its fast, 
its free. If someone would package all this in a nice looking box and 
put a nice logo on it, would that make it unstable, slower and less 
free? I just dont get it.

When professional image becomes the most important factor, then I 
think there is a need for concern, but honestly, FreeBSD is the total 
opposite. The complete and total lack of professional image is what 
concerns me.
We already have superior code, a tad of image would not change that.

> FreeBSD *is* the "Beastie-OS" and its logo should definitely
> be some reference to Beastie. Perhaps a simplified Beastie,
> but not some "corporate" dumbed down non-sense logo.

I do not care about the logo. The corporate suits do.
Since I dont care and the suits do, I find that it makes more sense to 
have a logo that the suites like. I will not go elsewhere if the logo 
changes, but the suits do alreay look elsewhere because of the logo.

But, just to make it clear, if someone tries to remove Beastie as the 
projects mascot, I will not silently accept it! Beastie is part of 
BSD's heritage and will most likely always be associated with BSD and 
UNIX. No logo contest in the world can change that!


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