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Sat Feb 12 14:28:55 PST 2005

On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 10:52:03PM +0100, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:
> As a mascot, Beastie would beat the gecko with a big stick. In a 
> logo-contest, Beastie would be at the recieving end of previously 
> mentioned stick.

It depends how it is designed. Perhaps a good professional designer
would come up with a simplified Beastie, that would be a perfect
logo, yet still represent a large portion of the BSD community.

> >If the FreeBSD Project starts seriously thinking this way,
> >then there's something rotten in it.
> Please, please, please explain how you came to that conclusion.

There's a lot of discussion going on about secondary stuff
like logos and so, while a lot of things needs to be fixed
in RELENG_5 (or CURRENT). But please read on.

> I fail to see why everyone thinks that having a decent image to show 
> corporate suits automatically means the quality of the project would 
> suffer? Am I missing something here?

Are we there to please *some* suits? The only point that the
Beastie opponents offer is that some companies may be scared
away from providing FreeBSD drivers of their hardware, because
of the current logo (I'm sorry to repeat it here: we do have
a logo, even if it's not official or canonized as such).

How many corps are now providing drivers or are thinking about
doing so? Not so many. And if you take the little number that
remains, how many of these will have a management that really
cares about the form of the logo?

After all, FreeBSD has always been a technical project and
one if its greatest strengths has been to stay away from
corporatism und marketroids. Things are really going down
the drain if we start to have discussions like these.

> But, just to make it clear, if someone tries to remove Beastie as the 
> projects mascot, I will not silently accept it! Beastie is part of 
> BSD's heritage and will most likely always be associated with BSD and 
> UNIX. No logo contest in the world can change that!

Logo contests are not a problem per se. It's their outcomes
that worries me (and a lot of other people as well, if you
judge by the online petition that's circulating right now).


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