Instead of, why not...

Chris Zumbrunn chris at
Sat Feb 12 10:11:29 PST 2005

On Feb 12, 2005, at 6:26 PM, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:

> I advocate changes, you disagree with me, and then you list a lot of 
> points that should be changed? Im having difficulties with your logic 
> here. :)

I'm not against the changes, of course. I'm not "against" a separate site either. But I disagree that there are no valid 
arguments against the site split. Changing the one combined site would 
be both possible and preferable.

> All of your points are valid, there are so many things that would 
> improve FreeBSD's image with just a little tweaking. However, 
> everytime I've tried to suggest even the slightest change to 
>, people has started to kick and scream and preach about 
> the end of the OS as we know it. Therefor I have abandoned every hope 
> of ever make evolve, and instead joined the advocates of a 
> user-friendly website.
> Personally, Im backing out of this discussion now. I would love to see 
> something happen, but there is a limit to how much resistance and 
> stubbornes a man can take. Everytime this kind of discussion has come 
> up, I've tried my best to support any attempts of actually making 
> something happen, but the incredible amount of resistance we always 
> meet has made me question if its worth it. Until core or atleast a 
> group of committers *make* something happen, I doubt anything will 
> change.
> If you go ahead and try to change, I wish you the best of 
> luck. The brickwall you are about to bang youre head against is very 
> hard. ;)

You may be right about that - or maybe the freebsd community will proof 
you wrong this time :-)  ...Either way, I think there is to much talk 
and to much focus on the surface, cosmetic stuff. The hard work is in 
producing and collecting the content for the "" site - not 
in linking to it from a professional looking front page. That we can 
do, whichever TLD suffix (or alternative domain name for that matter!) 
it will use.


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