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Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sat Feb 12 01:51:24 PST 2005

John Von Essen writes:

> Everyone on this list obviously loves FreeBSD, but how many have been
> in a position at a company, where your uncomfortable talking about the
> name of your core OS. People dont think twice about putting together a
> proposal for management/clients and slapping the term Solaris or Linux
> around. But if you put "FreeBSD" in that visio or ppt, your boss will 
> have kittens. When I was at Aetna, I converted a mail cluster from 
> Linux to FreeBSD (for performance and security reasons of course). The
> only reason why I was able to do it was because I didn't tell anyone or
> document it on our asset lists!

You could refer to FreeBSD vaguely as "open-source UNIX."  UNIX is
trademarked so you have to be careful, but were it not for this legal
detail, it would indeed be UNIX (I don't know how anyone managed to
trademark UNIX, anyway).  And referring to it that way sounds less
unsettling than calling it "FreeBSD," which sounds like something
slapped together cheaply by some college students.

The first time I encountered FreeBSD I didn't look into it precisely
because of the name.  There are zillions of free software products out
there, and this sounded like just another one.  But my web-hosting
company was using FreeBSD for hosting, and after years of seeing FreeBSD
run rock solid without even a single boot, I realized that it was
serious software, no matter what it was called.


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