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Bob Martin bob at
Sat Feb 12 05:25:18 PST 2005

A rose, by any other name....

I'm doing my best to convince everyone in Texas to run FreeBSD. (It's 
slow going!) Generally speaking, I don't run into "name" problems, but 
it does happen, and the reaction is about what's been posted to the list 
of late. To paraphase a comment in a meeting, "Pepsi Free is Pepsi with 
all the good stuff taken out. Is that what BSD Free is?"

You have to know your audiance. If they are clueless, just tell them 
that FreeBSD is an open source decendant of the UNIX sold by the 
University of California at Berkeley. When they ask, tell them that UC 
Berkeley stopped selling UNIX in the early 90's because of a law suit.

If they have a clue, a visit to Netcraft is in order. The names of the 
big sites like Yahoo that run FreeBSD will get their attention. The top 
100 uptime will keep it. The fact that Redmond likes us will help too.

And when all else fails, just call it 'BSD :-)

Bob Martin

John Von Essen wrote:
> This is going to be a blast from the past, but...
> What was the deal with the renaming that was going on in early 2000 when 
> version 4.0 came out.
> Up until then, all the CD's said "FreeBSD" then Walnut creek. The 4.0 CD 
> set still said FreeBSD, but at the bottom of the CD graphic and jewel 
> case cover, it just said "BSD". The CD itself said BSD, Inc.
> What was that all about? Does the FreeBSD org own the rights to using 
> just the short name of "BSD" when doing promotions?
> Everyone on this list obviously loves FreeBSD, but how many have been in 
> a position at a company, where your uncomfortable talking about the name 
> of your core OS. People dont think twice about putting together a 
> proposal for management/clients and slapping the term Solaris or Linux 
> around. But if you put "FreeBSD" in that visio or ppt, your boss will 
> have kittens. When I was at Aetna, I converted a mail cluster from Linux 
> to FreeBSD (for performance and security reasons of course). The only 
> reason why I was able to do it was because I didn't tell anyone or 
> document it on our asset lists!
> I'm just stating the obvious.
> -john
> On Feb 11, 2005, at 10:52 PM, Chris Zumbrunn wrote:
>> On Feb 11, 2005, at 10:48 PM, Alin-Adrian Anton wrote:
>>>     When I looked at the "new logo" i first noticed FREE, then I 
>>> noticed BSD. I asked myself where are the missing bars imprisoning 
>>> the Berkley Software Daemon?
>>>     FreeBSD is famous for it's jail mechanism.
>>>     Unleash the Daemon :)
>> Maybe we should rename the project to FreedBSD ;-)
>> /czv
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