Instead of, why not...

Scott I. Remick scott at
Fri Feb 11 12:38:50 PST 2005

--- Julio Capote <jcapote at> wrote:

> I think its a great example of that "IT Ammunition" someone mentioned
> that freebsd needed earlier. A website like aims
> at targetting firefox to regular users that may not get the full
> "marketing dosage" from, so why not do the same for
> freebsd? 

Except that's not really what is. That site is aimed
at the advocates themselves, as a meeting ground and community to exchange
ideas on how to help spread the word. It'd not aimed at people who aren't
interested in advocacy, let alone people who aren't Firefox users already.

A better realworld example (which has been mentioned before) is vs. I think that better reflects what
people are suggesting for

My vote is to "keep it simple", stick with, and aim it at
the not-so-geeky professional/commercial potential end-users. 

That said, even is in need of an overhaul. Not just in
looks/fonts/layout, but in content. For example, still touts the FreeBSD version of
Netscape (which neither exists nor does the link provided) and the inclusion
of XFree86.

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