Instead of, why not...

Julio Capote jcapote at
Fri Feb 11 10:33:07 PST 2005

I think its a great example of that "IT Ammunition" someone mentioned
that freebsd needed earlier. A website like aims
at targetting firefox to regular users that may not get the full
"marketing dosage" from, so why not do the same for
freebsd? could have a faq that would debunk alot
of "Can FreeBSD run KDE?" or "Can I watch movies on FreeBSD?" type
myths, also we could have some kickass screenshots, to show that FreeBSD
can do anything Linux can do on the server end and the desktop. Even
some success stories or testimonials. Overall the website would be aimed
for people that are curious about freebsd but cant find what they are
looking for in or #freebsd, What do you guys think?

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