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Astrodog astrodog at
Thu Feb 10 03:55:10 PST 2005

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:35:55 +0100, Anthony Atkielski
<atkielski.anthony at> wrote:
> Astrodog writes:
> > Assuming its not being done already, I'd like to start putting
> > together the "business"  information regarding FreeBSD for either the
> >, or somesuch website with the assistance, and (I hope)
> > blessing, as it were, with people on the list. I determined that if
> > I'm unwilling to do this myself, it is unreasonable to expect others
> > to do the footwork. Please let me know if someone else already does
> > this, and if not, who would be interested in contributing to such a
> > project.
> I can contribute DTP work. I have a full suite of professional
> electronic publishing tools and can prepare things like books,
> brochures, leaflets, etc., that might be useful for promotional use. Not
> being a marketroid, I'm not necessarily qualified to write the content
> (although I can certainly help with that if needed), but I can massage
> it all into page layouts that can be converted to PDFs and
> professionally printed. (I can't cover the physical printing myself,
> though, as actually printing the documents costs more than I can
> afford).
> If you're going to pitch FreeBSD to corporations and other serious
> organizations, you need some sort of promotional literature. Preparing
> PDFs for printing or display is delicate work; and Microsoft Word or
> StarOffice are not the tools for doing it, sorry.
> --
> Anthony

I'm definitly(sp) with you on the tools for creating PDFs and printed
materials. Making a StarOffice/Word document look right for
publication is a pain. Thanks for the rapid response, interest, and

--- Harrison Grundy

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