Business Information.

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Thu Feb 10 03:35:57 PST 2005

Astrodog writes:

> Assuming its not being done already, I'd like to start putting
> together the "business"  information regarding FreeBSD for either the
>, or somesuch website with the assistance, and (I hope)
> blessing, as it were, with people on the list. I determined that if
> I'm unwilling to do this myself, it is unreasonable to expect others
> to do the footwork. Please let me know if someone else already does
> this, and if not, who would be interested in contributing to such a
> project.

I can contribute DTP work. I have a full suite of professional
electronic publishing tools and can prepare things like books,
brochures, leaflets, etc., that might be useful for promotional use. Not
being a marketroid, I'm not necessarily qualified to write the content
(although I can certainly help with that if needed), but I can massage
it all into page layouts that can be converted to PDFs and
professionally printed. (I can't cover the physical printing myself,
though, as actually printing the documents costs more than I can

If you're going to pitch FreeBSD to corporations and other serious
organizations, you need some sort of promotional literature. Preparing
PDFs for printing or display is delicate work; and Microsoft Word or
StarOffice are not the tools for doing it, sorry.


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