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stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Wed Feb 9 13:29:52 PST 2005

I was not asked my opinion about whether or not the logo needs
changing. I would like to clarify the reason[s] for this.
When you say, "The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce...", the
statement implies a majority of the "FreeBSD Project" made this
decision. Who is the "FreeBSD Project"? According to the announcement,
"The FreeBSD Project is a team of individuals from all corners of the
globe who volunteer time and expertise to develop the FreeBSD operating
system." When you say "team" do you mean only core? Are those few
people the entire "Project"? You don't say that, so whether or not one
is a member depends entirely if one volunteers to "develop" FreeBSD.
The question is what does "develop" mean. Does one who donates money
and/or hardware count? No. By your definition, the Project includes
only those who supply "time and expertise" - only those that supply
their personal service. What counts as "expertise"? Programming
obviously, but what if a person produces only poor quality ports? What
about documention? Clearly the person is supplying "time and
expertise", but does that count as "developing" FreeBSD? If yes, then
what about answering questions on the mailing lists? Would that also
Now as to the "need" to change the logo, to quote the announcement,
"This character sometimes treated with misinterpreted in the
religious and cultural context." Over the years, the only complaints I
have ever heard have come from America's Taliban. Leaving aside the
question of whether or not the complainers are in a position to make
any sort of IT decision, one must ask what is their motivation for
complaining. They are simply trying to force their religious orthodoxy
on others. These are the same people trying to eliminate the barrier
between state and church to make the United States into a theocratic
country. Therefore, these complaints can be categorized as coming from
an irrational minority that should be ignored.
A second point is made, "And this daemon character seems cute from
somebody's point of view, but somebody may think which does not suit
for the professional products to indicate that are using the FreeBSD
inside." The point is better phrased as, "The FreeBSD Project has
decided that the beastie logo is unprofessional." This being the case,
why does the Project think that the best way to get a "professional"
logo is follow pretty much the same procedure that led to the beastie
logo? Wouldn't a company that specializes in logo design/image
consulting be far more qualified to design and select a new logo?
Consider how much better Linux is doing in the maketplace than FreeBSD
with its professional penguin logo. I, for one, think that logo choice
is too important to be left amatuer attempts.
A third point that was not raised is what else can be done to make
FreeBSD look more professional. All "official" communication should be
vetted by and reported as coming from a native American-English
speaker. For example, from the announcement, written by Jun Kuriyama,
"And this daemon character seems cute from somebody's point of view,
but somebody may think which does not suit for the professional
products to indicate that are using the FreeBSD inside." The grammar is
abominable. How can FreeBSD possibly be taken seriously as a
professional product as long as it allows "official" communications to
come from those that can barely communicate in American-English?
Furthermore, Americans have time and again proven to be among the most
xenophobic nationalities, especially toward other races and religions.
Any communications should come from someone with an easy-to-pronounce
northern European surname (but not French) and, if at all possible, a
first name that sounds American.
I realize that at first many will find my last point to be offensive,
but I think it is just as important as changing the logo and should be
given the same consideration. 

Best Regards,

Stheg Olloydson 

P.S. Many cultures, such as the Japanese, think that "you get what you
pay for", so having the name FreeBSD is no different from being named
ShiteBSD. I am looking forward to the competition to rename the OS.

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