Logo Contest

Nikolas Britton freebsd at nbritton.org
Wed Feb 9 23:20:55 PST 2005

Andrew L. Gould wrote:

>I'd like to voice my support for the logo competition.
>I was particularly pleased to read a comment on Daemon News that Beastie 
>would remain the mascot and that the logo and mascot are being 
>separated.  I am hopeful that this comment was accurate.
>...now, if I could only draw......
>Andrew Gould

I'd like to think that I had a hand in making this logo competition 
happen through all my rantings about image and marketing two months 
ago.  If I was then I would like to state my intentions. I in no way 
support the removal of Beastie the Daemon mascot.  The main thing I 
wanted was just a "retooling" of the current logo but I will support 
changing the logo as long as Beastie is not going anywhere.

Hopefully I'll have finished rolling out the new intra/extranet so I can 
participate. :-)

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