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Takeo Hashimoto takeo at
Fri Dec 2 14:01:53 GMT 2005

Hi all.
I was waiting reply from jp admins, but at this present time,
I have not gotten it yet. so I want to close PR first.
This is (my) summary.

-From-To: open->closed
It is not a suitable topic for PR.
  1) Send-pr does not effect diretly.
  2) are delegated to a separate group and granted
     to act autonomous, and there are volunteer admins for each subdomain.
  3) People who feel doubt should contact to each subdomain's admins first.
That's enough to close this PR. period.

Thanks to: John Baldwin, Remko Lodder, Lanny Baron, and all readers.

rests are just for reference.
looking back on PR description:

  - newbie can not find any kind of know-how from ML archive site.

  People who wont search can hit articles with good keywords.
  People who won't search posts a questions to lists without subscribe.

  - almost expert user are disappointed at miserable state of community.

  roughly saying, then they can fork, they can set up another list.

  - oldie does not think about mass happiness.

  No,'s lists may have at least marginal filter.
  and also "posting without subscribe" is useful especially for newbie.

  - once you post article to lists, spammer get your address from archive.

  Unfortunately no one can stop it.
  People should protect themselves from spams by some filter.

  - waste network traffic and server resource.

  It is such an age. (sigh)

  - distinct honor of "FreeBSD is a freedom for spammer"

  (no response about this, but it does not mean assent)

also there were three more topics about list management:

  about list policy:
    It is useful to keep lists "open" for questioner.
    Some kind of list (e.g. for admin) may be suitable to close ("restrited").

  about protecting lists (server side):
    Admins may implement some level of filtering at server side
    and tuning filter (aggressive or lenient) is admins matter.

  about protecting individual (user side):
    No one can stop spam tsunami, so people have to protect them by themselves.

That's all.
# sorry of my strange English. :(
# Takeo Hashimoto.                             sempre ff.  #

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