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John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Dec 2 13:25:21 GMT 2005

On Thursday 01 December 2005 10:10 pm, Takeo Hashimoto wrote:
> >                                                                    What
> > do you really want the project to do?
> I had misunderstood that send-pr will reach to jp admins,
> but now I know send-pr system is not directly connected to jp admins.
> so... If there is someone in the project who can contact to jp admins,
> and if he can, would he please forward this topic to them?
> That is the only thing that I can want the project to do.

Ok, that sounds reasonable.  I can point one of the guys on core@ at this PR 
actually since he is in .jp and I think he might work with

> >                    All we can really do is point the
> > domain at a different set of folks, but we can't do that unless a
> > different set of folks with machines exist and are setup and have
> > demonstrated that they are more responsive than the existing jp folks.
> waoh waoh it is the last choise that I don't want.
> I am not a terrorist, I want to make better changes (or no changes)
> peacefully.

I understand.  I'm mostly just trying to make a point about what the project 
can or can not do.  I guess the biggest thing is that and aren't very tightly joined, but fairly independent of each 

> >> OK, then, this PR was wrong topic.
> >> my last task of this PR is only one thing:
> >>  - post a summary
> >>
> >> I wrong again? :)
> >
> >You can post a summary if you wish.  I'll probably close the PR after that
> >though.
> Thanks. I am now preparing it, please wait more few hours.


> >> anyway, I will keep act to jp admins. thanks.
> >
> >Ok, that's the best thing to do for now.  If the jp folks are not
> > responsive you can send an e-mail to core@, but note that from the notes
> > above there really isn't a whole lot core can do other than perhaps pull
> > but that would only be viable if the current jp was worse
> > than having no jp at all, which I highly doubt would be true.
> I hope that I do not send claim to core at .
> We still need jp subdomain, I just want to make it better.

Yes, I wouldn't expect you need to resort to e-mailing core at .  Due to the way 
the projects are organized however, as far as itself, e-mailing 
core@ is about all you can really do.  Anything less drastic requires 
interacting with directly, but I think we're both clear on 
that now.

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