advocacy/89731: TOO MANY SPAMs on's mailing list

Takeo Hashimoto takeo at
Fri Dec 2 03:10:21 GMT 2005

On Thu, 02 Dec 2005 01:50 JST, John Baldwin wrote:
>> >If you can't get them to be responsive, then you can also take action by
>> >setting up your own mailing lists with the policies that you wish to use.
>> I don't want fork.
>> I think that if I (and most list user) can't get them
>> to be responsive, there should be some re-election to disclose
>> the dicision making process even if mobocracy.
>> am I wrong again?
>Well, this goes back to the "whoever does the work" part.  Let's assume for 
>argument's sake that the folks at are unresponsive.

OK, I think this is the most sensitive matter.
I will try to take this with sufficient care when I talk to jp admins.
Thanks for your mention it.

>                                                                    What do 
>you really want the project to do?

I had misunderstood that send-pr will reach to jp admins,
but now I know send-pr system is not directly connected to jp admins.

so... If there is someone in the project who can contact to jp admins,
and if he can, would he please forward this topic to them?
That is the only thing that I can want the project to do.

>                                    We don't have accounts on the jp machines 
>so we can't change things directly (and it would be somewhat rude to muck 
>around on someone else's machines anyway).  We can't force the jp folks to 
>give their machines up to someone else, it's their hardware, they can do what 
>they want with it. 

yeah. no doubt. it is clear.

>                    All we can really do is point the domain 
>at a different set of folks, but we can't do that unless a different set of 
>folks with machines exist and are setup and have demonstrated that they are 
>more responsive than the existing jp folks.

waoh waoh it is the last choise that I don't want.
I am not a terrorist, I want to make better changes (or no changes)

>> OK, then, this PR was wrong topic.
>> my last task of this PR is only one thing:
>>  - post a summary
>> I wrong again? :)
>You can post a summary if you wish.  I'll probably close the PR after that 

Thanks. I am now preparing it, please wait more few hours.

>> anyway, I will keep act to jp admins. thanks.
>Ok, that's the best thing to do for now.  If the jp folks are not responsive 
>you can send an e-mail to core@, but note that from the notes above there 
>really isn't a whole lot core can do other than perhaps pull 
>but that would only be viable if the current jp was worse than having no jp 
>at all, which I highly doubt would be true.

I hope that I do not send claim to core at .
We still need jp subdomain, I just want to make it better.
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