Cool, Matt!

Wille Harald harald.wille at
Fri Apr 8 08:39:09 PDT 2005

> Thanks.  I started again, & from a 2nd different site too.  (to
> test in case throttled at 1st site) Crawling slow at both sites.
> I ran it with a simple:
> 	ctorrent techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent
> & got this
> 	Announce:
> 	Create On: Tue Apr  5 20:39:23 2005
> 	Piece length: 262144
> 	<1>  techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi [176344994]
> 	Total: 168 MB
> 	Check exist: 672/673 Complete
> 	Already/Total: 9/673
> 	Listen on: 2706
> 	| 4,[9/673/673],0,0 | 0,0  E:0
> I found this explains the above
> Somewhere I read of leach mode penalisation,
> I havent turned on anything to enable leach mode though.

4 people shared the file at this moment, what should be enough.
ctorrent hasn't a "leach" mode (i think you mean leech mode). 
When you are downloading from a peer, you are also uploading
(sharing) the file and you become another peer.

If some clients are only downloading (not wasting any uploading bandwith) you
are doing it with "maximum speed" -> which means "leech mode".

But that's not the way bit torrent was intended for. 
("Give and ye shall receive!")

I just seems that you have a bad connection at the moment.
> If your .torrent file is still handy, could you md5 it please, &
> if it's not same as mine mail me a copy please ? Maybe mine is corrupted ?
>   MD5 (techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent) = a1a4e1ba9e18e527555adad8b198c498

Your torrent file is not corrupted.

the MD5 of mine is the same:
MD5 (techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent) = a1a4e1ba9e18e527555adad8b198c498

I am the only one, who seeds the file at the moment.
I also copied the torrent and the final .avi file to my webserver.

You can get all from here:

Greetings, Harald

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