SUPERstep - please evaluate HawkinsOS as a potential standard base, useful for developing the GNUstep standard API for multi purposes, extremely flexible machines

.VWV. victorvittorivonwiktow at
Sun Sep 19 19:46:13 PDT 2004


GNUstep is going on, towards a highly standardized framework, useful to
developing or porting existing C - C** - ObjectiveC applications on a
FreeBSD base, which is actually the most stable and orthodox unix ever.

Moreover, the project of aiming to evaluate portings and paid projects,
could make HawkingOS a point of reference for technicians looking fot fast
new development on WORKSTATION or SERVER products. The flexibility would be
total, permitting a visual configuration of both SERVER functions and
I have designed in my mind a sort of roadmap. I insist on GNUstep, because
it is independent from unnecessary desktop environmentes or complicate
widget libraries, even if actual desktop environments are still much more
rich of precompiled stuff. In fact, they urpgrade and modify too much,
causing the lack of a standard environment dedicated to serious development
of professional apps.

The base of GNUstep is much more logical, if dedicated to FreeBSD instead to
the infinite Linux variants, therefore the work could be managed in a
FreeBSD-like hierarchical way. The important results may be seen relatively
fast, when on Linux they could instead fall into a labyrinth of endless

This could be a serious base to grow up step-by-step the ne new
unix-step-system, interesting startpoint for new users of any kind. As for
myself, I would gladly send contributions to the GNUstep community, in order
to request development for porting or designing specific apps I need. As
example, I'll need drivers with GUI for AARDWARK's insulated audio high-end
boards, Aark24 and DirectPro24/96. It is absurd such engineered boards run
only on Windoze-trash. There are also high-end video adapters for advanced
CAD, waiting for their drivers and GUI frontends. What's better than
offering a speed-standard-GUI, GNUstep-based for them?

Customizazion of GNUstep look should be grow up only when a strong base will
be already distributable.

I'm  looking for enthusiasts and perfectionists of any skill, in order to
design the base project for a FreeBSD-based 'SUPERstep' packed systems,
working out-of -the-box. The starting point will be based on volounteers,
with the addition of a service for customers interested in a specific custom
subproject, which should require a billing service.
The licenses' management would require an expert dedicated to it.

PLEASE, do not start an endless discussions. I'm only looking for people
interested in technology, architecture, development, commerce, advertising.

'Advocacy' is an important circle for discussions about strategic projects.

With my best regards


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