[Freebsd-advocacy] Re: Please explain. (What is HawkinsOS?)

Johnson David DavidJohnson at Siemens.com
Mon Sep 20 11:01:40 PDT 2004

It's been almost a day since this thread fizzled out, but I think there is
an important lesson in it. Therefore I'm making this reply.

timh at tjhawkins.com wrote:
> ...
> I do apologize for shouting, I've been getting alot of hatred messages
> personally.. which is distrubing me..

You are getting a lot of personal negative responses because you trolled
these lists. It is obvious you do not consider yourself a troll. But even
though you did not intend to troll, you did anyway. Please take ten long
slow breaths and then reread your original post from an objective viewpoint.
You make several unsubstantiated assertions in a confrontational style, and
your only actual question was itself merely a restatement of a previous
unsubstantiated assertion.

Then you cross posted it to three lists, one of which (this one) was so
clearly off topic that all doubts of trolling were dispelled.

In case you still can't see it, here are selected phrases from your original
post: "horrible", "so much crap", "work-arounds". Your other replies
included additional loaded phrasing. You even called into question the
honesty of your responders! It is no surprise to anyone but you that people
are taking this personally. 

I would suggest the next time you ask a question, to phrase it in a polite
and non-confrontational manner. Do not cross-post it. Do not respond to
replies with "I dare you to proof this false". Do not take it personally
when people disagree with your core assumptions.

There will be some people who will not forget your attacks here. YBut you
still have a chance to redeem your reputation to others. But it will take
time and it will require an extra degree of civility.


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