Please explain.

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.Strobl at
Sat Sep 18 17:40:45 PDT 2004

Am Sonntag, 19. September 2004 01:08 schrieb timh at
> 2 Major Issues:
> - FreeBSD has a processor affinity design issue
> - The core kernel issues with FreeBSD is the horrible threading
> support.There is so much crap in FreeBSD kernel. The multithreading issue
> in freebsd has been delayed for nearly 6 years. They have just made work
> arounds, not fixing the actual problem. It seems that the only real BSD
> that has made big progress on the core issues is DragonflyBSD.
>  It appears that FreeBSD have a clear Multi-threading lock-in issue that
> needs to be fixed. Not work arounds. According to many freebsd developers
> nobody simply wants to fix this, is it true that the current smp work are
> just 'work-arounds' not real fixing?
> The only thing holding FreeBSD back is the Multithreading issue.
> Please clarify this.

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