Please explain.

timh at timh at
Sat Sep 18 16:08:51 PDT 2004

2 Major Issues:

- FreeBSD has a processor affinity design issue

- The core kernel issues with FreeBSD is the horrible threading
support.There is so much crap in FreeBSD kernel. The multithreading issue in
freebsd has been delayed for nearly 6 years. They have just made work
arounds, not fixing the actual problem. It seems that the only real BSD that
has made big progress on the core issues is DragonflyBSD.

 It appears that FreeBSD have a clear Multi-threading lock-in issue that
needs to be fixed. Not work arounds. According to many freebsd developers
nobody simply wants to fix this, is it true that the current smp work are
just 'work-arounds' not real fixing?

The only thing holding FreeBSD back is the Multithreading issue.

Please clarify this.

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