FreeBSD training in Phoenix, Arizona in December

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I know of a class in Mission Viejo, California at Saddleback
College that uses RH as its base OS, but when I was in it I used
FBSD for everything and the instructor not only did not mind, I
think he preferred it but was too tight-lipped to say so.  He
did let slip (subtely) his displeasure at having to use RH.  Not
technically BSD training, *nix was taught at a level designed to
let students flow from one flavor to another, with emphasis on
vi, different shells, basic scripting (perl/shell/sed/awk),
security, and generic installs and configs
(./configure....config files...).  All in all a very helpful
class at almost no cost.

As a side note, can anyone post or link to a breakdown of costs
for teaching a class?  They all seem to cost around $1500+/week
and I'm not sure why.  No accusation here, I just can't imagine
what costs that much, especially if the teacher volunteers or
doesn't want much money.  Do small conference rooms really cost
that much?

--- "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed at> wrote:

> An important part of FreeBSD advocacy is providing training,
> free or paid.
> Does anyone know of any colleges or universities that teach
> FreeBSD admin
> or development skills? (I think Western Washington University
> uses NetBSD
> in an Unix development class.)
> Does anyone know of any free, non-cost, FreeBSD training? I
> know there are
> a variety of FreeBSD lectures for free but usually short,
> free,
> presentations don't have enough time to go into a lot of
> detail. (As for
> myself, I've had the great opportunity to give over six free
> lectures
> *introducing* BSD.)
> Are there any online classes (free or paid) for FreeBSD
> specific skills?
> Puget Sound Technology is teaching another FreeBSD system
> administration
> class in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The hands-on course, to be
> held December 7
> - 10, will cover the fundamental skills needed for FreeBSD
> system
> administration.
> The course topics include FreeBSD installation, using the
> ports
> collection, updating FreeBSD, custom kernel configurations,
> understanding the rc.d scripts, periodic tasks, and packet
> filtering.
> The class also covers standard Unix administration skills,
> such as
> cron, syslogging, inetd, user and group administration, and
> basic
> network configurations. Students will also learn the basics of
> DNS,
> SMTP, and Postfix and will setup their own DNS zones and
> Apache-based
> virtual websites.
> The course details
> are at .
> And
> discounts are available.
> A separate Unix shell essentials crash course is being offered
> on
> December 6.
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