FreeBSD and the future

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Thu Oct 14 10:16:16 PDT 2004

> From: Sigmascape1 at [mailto:Sigmascape1 at]
> Maybe I didn't make it clear enough. I am looking for 
> direction in terms of comparing FreeBSD and mainstream Linux 
> distros. I am not looking to debate the merits of text-based 
> installation vs. gui-based. Where can I go to find out the 
> differences?

The answer is that the differences are much less important than what you
want or need in an operating system. It's like comparing a Toyota Corolla to
a Honda Civic. Their differences are insignificant compared to their

The merits of text-based versus gui-based installation ARE relevant, because
the user may want or need one or the other.

> In my business, graphics, I use Macs and Windows machines. 
> Linux is used for serving data and the like, but is beginning 
> to open up some possibilities to me on the client side. Among 
> other things, I need to know if I can turn someone loose on 
> FreeBSD that is not overly computer literate... strictly word 
> procesing, email and web surfing. Also, in terms of server 
> use, how much different would it be to set up a FreeBSD 
> server than setting up a SuSE Linux-based server.

If you have someone available to install and maintain FreeBSD, then it's
perfectly suited to be a client desktop system. No doubt about it. Desktop
wise, it's not much different from your typical Linux distro.

Server wise, my personal opinion is that FreeBSD is superior. But you're
question is about "setting up". So I assume you're not interested in the
functionality and maintainability as in the initial installation. Am I
correct? For someone with no experience, SuSE is probably going to be
easier. But once you get experience, FreeBSD is going to quickly overtake
it. But again, it depends on your wants and needs. If you have fifty
identical servers to install onto, Solaris might be the way to go :-)

But before deciding anything, try out all your options! Install FreeBSD to a
spare machine and give it a week's test drive.


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