BSD & OS-X: The world's safest computing environment

Alec Berryman alec at
Tue Nov 2 08:02:06 PST 2004

begin  quotation of Mark Ovens on 2004-11-02 15:48:22 +0000:

> The study also reveals that Linux has become the most breached 24/7 
> online computing environment in terms of manual hacker attacks overall 
> and accounts for 65.64% of all breaches recorded, with 154,846 
> successfully compromised Linux 24/7 online computers of all flavours. 
> The number of successful manual hacker attacks against Microsoft Windows 
> based online computers has remained steady and accounts for 25.19% of 
> all breaches recorded, with 59,419 successfully compromised Windows 
> targets of all versions. In sharp contrast, the number of successful 
> hacker attacks against Mac OS X or BSD based online computers has 
> demonstrated a declining trend and accounts for just 4.82% of all 
> breaches recorded, with 11,370 successfully compromised BSD targets of 
> all flavours including Apple."

These statistics don't seem to mean much; as I read it, they took a
bunch of reported successful breakin attempts and from there
determined which percentage of those breakins were committed on which
operating system.  I'd be interested to see the percentage of
compromised hosts of a certain operating system in relation to the
number of hosts of that operating system the medium and large entities

I'm not familiar with this company; can anyone comment on its reputation?
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