BSD & OS-X: The world's safest computing environment

Mark Ovens marko at
Tue Nov 2 07:44:45 PST 2004

"The most comprehensive study ever undertaken by the mi2g Intelligence 
Unit over 12 months reveals that the world's safest and most secure 24/7 
online computing environment - operating system plus applications - is 
proving to be the Open Source platform of BSD (Berkley Software 
Distribution) and the Mac OS X based on Darwin.


The study also reveals that Linux has become the most breached 24/7 
online computing environment in terms of manual hacker attacks overall 
and accounts for 65.64% of all breaches recorded, with 154,846 
successfully compromised Linux 24/7 online computers of all flavours. 
The number of successful manual hacker attacks against Microsoft Windows 
based online computers has remained steady and accounts for 25.19% of 
all breaches recorded, with 59,419 successfully compromised Windows 
targets of all versions. In sharp contrast, the number of successful 
hacker attacks against Mac OS X or BSD based online computers has 
demonstrated a declining trend and accounts for just 4.82% of all 
breaches recorded, with 11,370 successfully compromised BSD targets of 
all flavours including Apple."

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