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Marina Brown mbrown at
Tue Mar 30 13:09:26 PST 2004

On Tuesday 30 March 2004 02:16 pm, Johnson David wrote:

Last time i looked the FreeBSD site was clean and easy to navigate.

I can not even think of a big corporate site that can claim that.

Slick is not neccesarilly better.


> On Tuesday 30 March 2004 07:26 am, John Von Essen wrote:
> > And... It doesn't help when they go to It makes FreeBSD
> > seem NON-enterprise. Personally, i think the site is fine, but Im a
> > tech, not a CTO. Maybe, can be redesigned have a
> > or look-n-feel, and can retain - the developer
> > community look-n-feel.
> I hate to say this, but FreeBSD is definitely NON-enterprise. That's
> because we are not an enterprise! We are a non-commercial community
> based operating system.
> There is no way we could have a Redhat or SuSE style site, because we
> don't sell anything or provide paid support. We don't have "Business
> Customers", commercial "solutions", shrink wrapped boxes, offer
> certification, funds for professionally created graphics, etc. Some of
> this could be provided by commercial vendors of FreeBSD (Daemonnews,
> FreeBSD Mall), but not by FreeBSD itself.
> Actually, now that I look at it, the FreeBSD site follows the same basic
> layout as the KDE site. Last I heard KDE was turning heads in the
> enterprise...
> David
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